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About us

Istanbul Diş Akademisi is a dental clinic that stands out with its modern and contemporary services in the field of oral and dental health. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices for digital dentistry applications, our clinic aims to provide the highest level of health and comfort to its patients.

While delivering health services, our clinic, managed by 15 experienced dentists, offers a wide range of services in the field of oral and dental health. Our dentists, each specializing in their respective areas, provide personalized treatments by focusing on the individual needs of our patients.

The modern infrastructure of our clinic is equipped with 10 patient units and 1 specially designed VIP relaxation room. This allows our patients to experience their treatments in a comfortable and serene environment. In our VIP relaxation room, we aim to provide our patients with a comfortable resting opportunity before and after the treatment process.

At Istanbul Dental Academy, along with our mission to provide services in line with world standards, we also play a pioneering role in health tourism. Our experienced and expert team is ready to provide treatments tailored to the needs of international patients.

With advanced dental techniques, modern medical equipment, and a patient-centric service approach, our clinic is committed to providing the best dental health services to its patients.