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Our clinic, which is in compliance with World Oral and Dental Health standards, also provides services in health tourism with its experienced and expert staff.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Endodontics Specialist

Emre DümenEmre Dümen
09:11 01 Mar 24
I recommend it to everyone, it was great care, especially thanks to teacher Ece, she took great care of my 6-year-old son, everyone can go there with peace of mind.
Burcu TunçBurcu Tunç
19:22 27 Feb 24
They love their job and do it very well, thank you, especially Ms. İlayda, thank you very much 🙂
Mevlüt ErsoyMevlüt Ersoy
09:37 27 Feb 24
We were greeted very friendly, they acted very attentive, I was very pleased and I recommend them.
Enes KaraismailoğluEnes Karaismailoğlu
10:50 26 Feb 24
I had root canal treatment and it was painless. Sevda teacher was very good.
09:44 26 Feb 24
Kübra YaşarKübra Yaşar
08:53 26 Feb 24
First of all, I would like to thank orthodontist Ezgi Hoca, periodontologist Deniz Hoca, dentist Candan Hoca and all the staff of Istanbul Dental Academy. I am quite pleased with the result. I advise 🙂
Ehsan Faramarzi asliEhsan Faramarzi asli
14:04 24 Feb 24
Thank you to our dear teacher Sevda and her relevant assistant.Canal saved the treatment with normal fillingThanks
h kh k
13:18 24 Feb 24
👍very good
Furkan DemiralFurkan Demiral
12:33 24 Feb 24
I had all the procedures done here, and I was very pleased with them all. You can come without hesitation.
Cem ErdoğanCem Erdoğan
17:37 23 Feb 24
Merve ÇağlarMerve Çağlar
09:07 19 Feb 24
Thank you for your interest, it was very nice 🥰
Aaron HairstonAaron Hairston
01:37 18 Feb 24
Visiting the dentist was a surprisingly pleasant experience. The dentist was incredibly gentle, and the offer of coffee and a relaxing atmosphere immediately put me at ease. I appreciated the tour of the building, which helped alleviate any lingering nerves. Most importantly, the dentist's honesty about the state of my teeth was refreshing. I strongly recommend this dentist for their professionalism, gentleness, and honesty.
erkan güzelerkan güzel
10:58 17 Feb 24
I was afraid of implant treatment, but with the guidance of my teacher Ahmet Dörtköşe and the intervention of the relevant team, I completed the process without any pain. Well done to our teachers. Highly recommended
Neslihan ÇalışkanNeslihan Çalışkan
07:45 17 Feb 24
We had my mother's teeth fixed at the Istanbul Dental Academy, with the satisfaction and recommendation of a relative. When I saw the happy returns of my family members, I joined them. I was very pleased. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all our doctors and all your staff. From now on, when we have any problems, the place we will definitely come to is Istanbul Dental Academy.Arife - Ali Ayvaz
Serdar YıldızSerdar Yıldız
14:10 16 Feb 24
I had zirconium front teeth aesthetics. It was very nice. I would like to thank the teacher for his interest and friendly efforts.
Sarwar HussainSarwar Hussain
10:11 13 Feb 24
Very helpful and English speaking representative very clean and latest equipment
I really liked the clinic! I came here on recommendation, with acute pain. I was very pleased! They did everything professionally and efficiently! They treated the canals, installed crowns (they saved the tooth!, although initially, in a different place, they said that it had to be removed!) and corrected some other problems. The staff is very friendly and welcoming! Thank you very much to the clinic and doctors for the assistance provided!!!! I recommend)
jade sealeyjade sealey
19:19 11 Feb 24
Had a consultation with Onur who reassured me that I did not need veneers or composite bonding as my teeth were in good condition. Although I did not have any treatments a lot of dentists would have been keen to get the business and gone ahead. It was refreshing to get an honest opinion
Eda Nur AkyüzEda Nur Akyüz
20:28 10 Feb 24
Thank you very much for the interest of Onur Bey & Umut Bey and your team. It is undoubtedly a preferred place because you attach extra importance to hygiene 👏🏻
Gülkız KocaGülkız Koca
20:06 10 Feb 24
I found the Istanbul dental academy while researching it on the internet, I was very pleased with the service provided, I registered at first, I had a quick examination and decided to start the procedure. My implant treatment, which I was very afraid of, was performed painlessly. A few months later, after my mouth healed, I had my zirconium crowns made. I am incredibly pleased with the result. Thank you to the dental academy, its physicians, its assistants, Mr. Onur and Many thanks to Mr. Umut
ayhan turkelayhan turkel
13:24 09 Feb 24
I would like to thank Ms. Ezgi in the surgery department at Istanbul Dental Academy Hospital for the procedure she performed. I wish you continued success.
EDA doğanEDA doğan
12:10 07 Feb 24
My dear teacher, Ahmet Dörtkose, is the lightest, most caring doctor in the world. God bless him, he saved my wisdom teeth by pulling them out within seconds without making me feel at all. My satisfaction is at the highest level, thank you for your help.
Kayra ÇevikkolKayra Çevikkol
19:34 05 Feb 24
Great service and super friendly people! If I ever have dental problems and I’m in Istanbul, definitely coming here! My guy Umut was super supportive and friendly. Would recommend to everyone.
Sezen NavruzSezen Navruz
09:09 03 Feb 24
I went to the Istanbul Dental Academy through a friend of mine, I was very pleased. They attach great importance to hygiene, they are very helpful and friendly. I had my filling treatment and dental scaling done. Thank you very much to Mr. Umut, my doctor Ms. Candan and everyone else, I highly recommend them.
Fatmanur DemirbağFatmanur Demirbağ
13:33 02 Feb 24
I came from Germany with a recommendation, I was very pleased especially with the teacher Drop and his assistant Beyza, thank you for your interest and concern.
Sinem KeskinSinem Keskin
11:23 02 Feb 24
I was very pleased with Damla teacher and her assistant Ms. Beyza and I thank her for her very safe attention and care in terms of hygiene.
Samet KaraSamet Kara
09:31 02 Feb 24
I was very pleased with Damla teacher and her assistant Beyza, I recommend them to everyone, thank you for their interest and concern.
Fatma DurlanikFatma Durlanik
08:25 02 Feb 24
Dr. Many thanks to Merve Esen and her assistant Elif. Good thing Dentopol
Faruk KanatFaruk Kanat
09:51 31 Jan 24
I was very satisfied, best dental clinic in Istanbul part of Maltepe, I recommend it to everyone, very hygienic, believe me
Ivo AndradeIvo Andrade
20:09 29 Jan 24
I done three teeth implants at this clinic which provided exceptional service from start to finish. This clinic has its own laboratory inside the clinic which makes everything easier. I will definitely recommend this clinic to friends and family! Thank you once again!
19:49 27 Jan 24
Faruk GündüzFaruk Gündüz
07:46 26 Jan 24
Tawakalitu OgunleyeTawakalitu Ogunleye
10:36 24 Jan 24
Ozan YılmazOzan Yılmaz
05:44 24 Jan 24
I went on recommendation and I think I made the right decision. The employees are very attentive. Dr. Canan Hanım's hands are both very fast and very light 😌
Mercan MalumaMercan Maluma
17:01 23 Jan 24
Very nice, I recommend them. I have been a customer for 3 years. They are very kind, they work cleanly, and I would like to thank Ms. Ece very much. I wish them good work💖
Mehmet Ali BayrakMehmet Ali Bayrak
14:46 22 Jan 24
Ms. Ezgi and Gözde from Orthodontics, Mr. Ahmet and Ms. Ayşegül from Endodontics are really very caring and kind. I'm glad I chose it, I'm very pleased.
nükhet çalkamçınükhet çalkamçı
11:41 22 Jan 24
Hygiene and friendly face show that it is a really high quality place. Kevser and Nur ladies in the lobby were very helpful, thank you for everything.
bahman sarwarybahman sarwary
14:23 19 Jan 24
very good hospitality and nice dr and stuff
Nuran AnneNuran Anne
09:48 18 Jan 24
I would like to thank the friendly staff at the entrance and the caring and understanding attitude of my doctor, Ms. Ece. Nuran is crazy
Very prompt and qualified solution to dental problems. I was dealing with toothache in my two upper teeth #6 and #7, and in 1.5 weeks they carried out all the procedures from root canal treatment to making crowns and installing them. I would like to especially note that the clinic uses 3D scanning of the shape of the prepared tooth and the resulting crowns fit perfectly.
Esra TuncaEsra Tunca
13:17 16 Jan 24
My dear orthodontist Dt. Ezgi Kaya and her sweet assistant Gözde Hanım are a great team. They are very interested in the process. They were always helpful when there was a problem. I'm glad I crossed paths with them during my orthodontic process. Thank you for all your efforts.Apart from this process, all employees, from the counter to the service staff, are very attentive. A clinic that helps with everything. Thanks also to all employees for their efforts. I wish everyone luck.
08:34 16 Jan 24
I started receiving treatment two years ago. I would like to thank the orthodontist Ms. Ezgi and her assistant Ms. Gözde. My braces came out and they were exactly what I wanted. I always left happily. I would like to thank the staff for their attention.
Burak CoşkunBurak Coşkun
07:22 15 Jan 24
I would like to thank Ms. Ece and Ms. Zeynep for their quality services.
hasan okhasan ok
09:11 12 Jan 24
I came to the hospital for the first time, you are welcomed by friendly reception staff, there is a positive atmosphere inside, the prices are extremely economical, I recommend it.
funnalyze 19funnalyze 19
12:11 06 Jan 24
I was not happy with my front teeth and while I was looking for a good clinic for myself, I came across Istanbul Dental Academy. I surrendered myself to my teacher Candan and she and her staff did an excellent job. From now on, the only place I will come to whenever I have a problem, thank you Istanbul Dental Academy
19:36 05 Jan 24
My journey to a brighter smile led me to this remarkable dental clinic in Turkey, and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing! From the warm welcome to the expert care, every step was reassuring. My confidence in my smile has skyrocketed, thanks to the skilled and friendly team here. Highly recommended for anyone seeking quality dental work in a welcoming environment!
Şahin AslanŞahin Aslan
09:57 05 Jan 24
I was greeted with a very friendly, fast and satisfactory service. A modern and clean institution.I advise
Deniz ÇağlarDeniz Çağlar
11:18 04 Jan 24
arzu varlikarzu varlik
08:42 04 Jan 24
Professor, who finished my dental treatment, which I had postponed for ten years due to my fears, in less than three months and made me a woman who can laugh again. I would like to thank Ahmet Umut Güler and his team very much. From the moment you enter the door, all the employees are very friendly and sincere, I'm glad I met you.
Zelal Bayır sevimZelal Bayır sevim
10:56 03 Jan 24
Hatice KorkmazHatice Korkmaz
17:14 02 Jan 24
Friendly people, clean clinic, I am really pleased...
16:59 02 Jan 24
16:08 02 Jan 24
I was satisfied with whatever doctor I went to. I recommended it to my friends. Those who went were satisfied. Employees are concerned. I advise.
enver telefonenver telefon
19:35 01 Jan 24
Atilla ÇakmakAtilla Çakmak
15:28 01 Nov 23
I had a problem with my teeth. I started looking for a clinic in Istanbul. I found the Istanbul Dental Academy on the internet. They immediately opened my registration, took my x-ray and examined me. The doctor explained my problems to me clearly. I was convinced. The fees are very reasonable compared to the clinics in the market. If you want to get quality service, I definitely recommend it.
10:57 01 Nov 23
Everything was great
Gülten FındıkGülten Fındık
07:46 30 Oct 23
Dt. I would like to thank Ms. Selvi İpek Toprak for her devoted and friendly work. I would like to thank him and his assistant, Ilayda Kıra, for their friendly and caring attention. I would like to thank the Istanbul Dental Academy for doing its job by hand. .
Yunus Emre ÇelikYunus Emre Çelik
14:25 29 Oct 23
It was worth my 35 years of waiting. I finally found the right dentist and dental hospital. I was dizzy with attention and care. Everyone is so friendly. At one point, there were 5 people taking care of me. Most importantly, I had forgotten how to smile for years because my front teeth were crooked and rotten. Our doctor Ms. Ece reminded me to laugh again. I'm not afraid to laugh anymore ???? My teeth have become so beautiful that those who look at them will never realize that they are crowned. It was very natural and solid. The prices are very reasonable compared to the market. Miss Ece, I am so glad I knew you. I will recommend it to many of my friends ????????
Bekir ÇiçekçayırBekir Çiçekçayır
16:32 15 Sep 22
I came here for my orthodontic treatment I m very happy to work with them especially Dt.Ezgi expert at her topic.
Samiel MenelikSamiel Menelik
20:51 08 Jun 22
I had a great experience at MyDentist Istanbul Dis AKADEMISI, the staff were very friendly and my dental work was pain free and administered with care. It was an unusually pleasant trip to the dentist!I was seen promptly by Doctors and nurses , who were both attentive and supportive.Their kind and thoughtful attention was thoroughly professional and reassuring.Thank you all for looking after me so well.
I cannot praise this surgery highly enough. Friendly and professional staff. I had an excellent caring experience by the dentist. I was allocated and talked the stages of the procedure in clear precise manner. I would definitely recommend this practice. Great Team!
Saira SiddiqueSaira Siddique
19:44 05 May 22
I come from the U.K to have cosmetic bonding once I was Examined by specialists 5/6 staff members had a look and told me cosmetic bonding wasn’t right for me I have a over bite and clenching and grinding issues. The staff was so honest and recommended me other choices. I had X-ray , whitening opalescennce , also a 3D scan the retainers to straighten and tighten the teeth. Which is so cheap. The staff was amazing very hygienic helpful and honest. Lovely waiting lounge free teas and coffees. Also a restaurant for food. My dentist in the U.K told me I could have cosmetic bonding just to make money. I can honestly say these people are truthful caring and respectful. I was treated with the so much dignity and love. I am due a root canal and I will be going back to this dentist. They have the best equipment with different specialists I was shocked. Maya Farahan helped with Organising
Suna ÖztürkSuna Öztürk
10:51 01 Dec 21
Your high service quality, sincerely and empathetically treating your patients as your own relatives, giving you confidence, following technological and scientific developments.I think you deserve 5 stars as you are a clinic that has become a leading name in the health sector with your innovative projects and making people happy by designing aesthetic smiles with your smile architects. You are the only Dental Clinic I can recommend.
Adnan AkayAdnan Akay
09:24 01 Dec 21
We had braces put on my brother's teeth. From the beginning to the end of the process, they always followed meticulously and paying attention to the hygiene rules. We were very pleased with their quality service, friendly welcome and their dedication to their work. I would like to thank the Istanbul dental academy family. I recommend it to everyone wholeheartedly.
08:37 01 Dec 21
I went to Istanbul Dental Academy for my son's dental problem. I was met with extremely smiling faces at the door.When I saw that the clinic was working with both hygienic aspect and professional service approach, I wanted to share it.Aydın, one of the owners of the clinic, takes care of all the guests one by one.I say guests because they give that feeling..Hoping to increase the number of such clinics and to provide service that compromises quality. I wish you ease..