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General Dentistry

General dentists handle a wide range of dental complaints and treatments which range from check-ups through to crowns, fillings and root canal treatment. They perform extractions as and where necessary.

they are a ‘family dentist’ who tends to the needs of patients of all ages, from children through to the elderly.

General dentists advise about preventative measures such as the importance of oral hygiene, good nutrition and six monthly check-ups which help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

These are non-specialist forms of treatment which are provided to the general public.

Some general dentists offer specialist services such as cosmetic dentistry. But this treatment is only available on a private basis.

If you require specialist treatment then you will be referred to a specialist dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the range of treatments offered by general dentists, from routine check-ups to specialized procedures like crowns and root canal treatments, and understand how they address the dental needs of patients across different age groups.

Learn about the role of a family dentist, including their focus on patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, and how they serve as a go-to option for various dental concerns.

Gain insights into the preventative measures advocated by general dentists, such as emphasizing the importance of oral hygiene, good nutrition, and regular check-ups to ensure the ongoing health of teeth and gums.

Understand the scope of specialized services within general dentistry, with a focus on cosmetic dentistry, and explore whether these services are typically available through private arrangements.

Explore the circumstances under which patients might be referred to specialist dentists, and gain an understanding of what specialized dental treatments entail in comparison to general dentistry.

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