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What is Implant Treatment? How is it applied?

🦷 What is Implant Treatment? How is it applied? Implant Treatment in Istanbul Maltepe: Healthy and Aesthetic Smiles Today, implant treatment, which is one of the most effective and permanent solutions for tooth deficiencies, allows patients to have healthy and aesthetic smiles. Implant treatment, which is applied by specialist dentists in our modern clinic in […]


Doctors Asıf UZUN Dt. Asıf UZUN Dental Specialist Dt. Asıf UZUN He was born in İzmir at 12/11/1967He completed primary school, secondary school and high school in İzmir.He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry and has been working as a dentist for many years.He is currently working in the private istanbul dental academy oral […]