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deniz çağlar

Dr. Deniz ÇAĞLAR


He was born in Istanbul in 1992. He graduated from Istanbul (Male) High School in 2011, which he entered by being among the top 100 in Turkey in the 2006 high school entrance exam. He was entitled to receive the German High School Completion Diploma (Abitur), which is offered by the high school.

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2016. He is for his doctorate in Periodontology at Istanbul University, Department of Gum Diseases and Surgery.

He is working on his PhD thesis titled “Investigation of Blood Lipid Fractions in Rabbits and the Ability of Antiplatelet Drugs to Wet Titanium Surfaces with Different Surface Properties”.

He mainly focuses on providing pink smile aesthetics, gum color whitening, pink aesthetics, gingivectomy, gum correction, treatment of loose teeth, surgical closure of gum recession and treatments for periodontal bone loss. He has planned and carried out the treatment of countless cases. His hobbies include cycling, technological devices, reading, growing cacti, education and cinema.

He has a good command of English and German languages.